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The new electric eyebrow trimmer provides users with safe and comfortable eyebrow trimmer experience


Xiaoqiang Technology has released a new type of electric eyebrow trimmer, which uses a professionally designed cutter head and trimming structure to effectively protect the skin during trimming, providing users with a safe and comfortable eyebrow threading experience.

The tip of the electric eyebrow trimmer is made of stainless steel, which is durable, sharp and rust-resistant, making it easy to cut off excess eyebrows and create a clean and neat eyebrow shape. The trimming structure of the product uses a double-layer protective net, which can effectively avoid direct contact with the skin, prevent scratches, irritation, allergies and other adverse reactions, so that users can enjoy a gentle and comfortable touch while trimming their eyebrows.

The shape design of the electric eyebrow trimmer is also very humane, ergonomic principle, the handle part adopts non-slip material, fits the curve of the palm, comfortable to hold, easy to operate, so that users feel more comfortable and safe during the whole trimming process. The size of the product is also very small and lightweight, easy to carry and store, whether the user is on business or travel, you can easily arrange the eyebrows, maintain a fresh image.

The product specifications of the electric eyebrow trimmer are as follows:

• Material: ABS+PC

• Color: Black, red

• Voltage: 5V

• Power: 0.3W

• Battery capacity: 250mAh

• Power supply mode: Type-c

• Usage time: 120 minutes

• Accessories: host, manual, packaging, USB

The product provides a one-year replacement service and a five-year warranty service, so that users have no worries.

Xiaoqiang Technology is a professional manufacturer of beauty and hair products, with many years of industry experience and technical strength, committed to providing consumers with high-quality and high-performance beauty and hair products, such as beauty meter, facial cleanser, curling iron, wireless hair straightener, eyebrow trimmer, massager, etc., to meet the different needs and preferences of consumers, so that consumers enjoy the fun of beauty hair. The products of Xiaoqiang technology have been exported to many countries and regions, and have been welcomed and trusted by consumers, and have also established cooperative relations with a number of well-known brands and platforms to provide consumers with more choices and convenience.

Xiaoqiang Technology will continue to adhere to the user-centered, quality as a guarantee, innovation as a driving force, and continue to launch more high-quality products and services, to contribute to the beauty and health of consumers

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