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Ultrasonic peeling machine: make your skin clean, smooth and firm


Do you often suffer from skin problems such as blackheads, pimples, or enlarged pores?  Do you want a beauty device that can be deeply cleaned, imported and exported, and lifted and tightened?  If so, then you must learn about the ultrasonic skin scraper, it is a multi-functional high-tech beauty wonders, can make your skin more clean, smooth, firm.

The principle of the ultrasonic peeling machine is to use ultrasonic vibration to decompose water molecules into tiny water mist, which is sprayed to the skin surface through the metal spatula head, and at the same time, the scraping effect of the spatula head is used to clean out the dirt such as keratin, lipid plug and lipid silk in the pores.  The ultrasonic peeling machine can also introduce the effective ingredients in skin care products into the deep skin through the function of positive and negative ion import and export, or export the toxins at the bottom of the skin, thereby enhancing the skin's absorption capacity and detoxification ability.  In addition, the ultrasonic peeling machine can also stimulate the muscles and nerves of the skin through the function of EMS micro-current lifting, promote the generation of collagen and elastic fibers, thereby improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

The advantages of ultrasonic skin scraper are many, first of all, it is a safe, gentle, non-invasive beauty instrument, will not cause damage and irritation to the skin, suitable for all kinds of skin.  Secondly, it is a full-featured and effective beauty instrument, which can solve a variety of skin problems, such as blackheads, acne, large pores, dullness, relaxation, etc., so that the skin becomes more clean, tender and firm.  Finally, it is a convenient, affordable and durable beauty instrument that can be used at home at any time, eliminating the time and expense of going to the beauty salon, and can be used multiple times with just one charge.

The use of ultrasonic peeling machine is simple, only need to follow the following steps, you can easily enjoy the beauty process:

• First, cleanse your skin by applying warm water or a warm towel to open up your pores and prepare them for cleansing.

• The second step, open the ultrasonic skin scraper, select the cleaning mode, the shovel head and the skin at a 45 degree Angle, along the skin texture slowly, clean out the dirt in the pores, be careful not to stay in the same part for too long, so as not to cause skin redness and swelling.

• The third step, apply an appropriate amount of skin care products, such as serum, lotion, cream, etc., select the introduction mode, place the spatula head at a 90 degree Angle to the skin, gently press the skin, so that the effective ingredients of the skin care products will be introduced into the deep skin and enhance the absorption capacity of the skin.

• The fourth step, select the lifting mode, place the shovel head at a 45 degree Angle with the skin, follow the contour line of the skin, from the bottom up, from the inside out, do the lifting massage, so as to stimulate the muscles and nerves of the skin, promote the generation of collagen and elastic fibers, and improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

• The fifth step, clean the shovel head, wipe the shovel head with a clean tissue or cotton swab, remove residual water and dirt, and then put the recycling box, charge for use.

The above is about the ultrasonic peeling machine article, I hope you can through this article, understand the principle, advantages and use of ultrasonic peeling machine, if you are interested in ultrasonic peeling machine, may wish to try, perhaps it can bring you unexpected beauty effects

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