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Reveal the revolutionary characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning and scraping


Skincare is a topic that everyone cares about, especially in modern society, where we face various pollution and stress, our skin needs more care and maintenance. In order to keep our skin clean, healthy and shiny, we need to regularly deep cleanse and exfoliate, removing dirt, oil, dead skin cells and other impurities from the surface of our skin. However, traditional cleansing and exfoliating methods, such as facial cleansers, scrubs, chemical acids, etc., often cannot thoroughly clean the pores, or are too irritating and drying, causing skin damage and sensitivity.

So, is there a more effective, gentle and safe way to cleanse and exfoliate? The answer is: yes, that is ultrasonic skin scrubber. This is a method that uses ultrasonic technology, through a metal scraper, to produce high-frequency vibration, thereby penetrating the skin, gently scraping out the dirt and keratin layer in the pores. This method not only can effectively cleanse and exfoliate, but also can improve the blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification of the skin, promote the metabolism and repair of the skin, enhance the absorption and elasticity of the skin, and make the skin smoother, firmer and younger.

So, how does ultrasonic skin scrubber achieve these transformative features? Let's unveil its mystery together.

The principle and working mode of ultrasonic skin scrubber

The core component of ultrasonic skin scrubber is a metal scraper, which has a shape like a small shovel, which can fit the curve of the skin, and is easy to operate. One end of the scraper is connected to an ultrasonic generator, which can produce high-frequency sound waves, usually around 30,000 Hz. These sound waves will produce high-speed vibration on the other end of the scraper, that is, the metal piece that contacts the skin, thereby producing two effects on the skin: mechanical effect and cavitation effect.

The mechanical effect means that the vibration of the scraper will produce a weak thrust on the skin, causing a slight relative movement between the epidermis and the dermis, thereby opening the pores, loosening the dirt and keratin layer, making them easier to scrape out. The cavitation effect means that the vibration of the scraper will form countless tiny bubbles on the surface of the skin, these bubbles will expand and contract periodically with the vibration, and when the bubbles shrink to a certain degree, they will produce a powerful impact force, breaking and pushing out the dirt and keratin layer in the pores.

When using ultrasonic skin scrubber, you need to first clean the skin and apply a layer of water or toner, to keep the skin moist and slippery. Then, hold the metal piece of the scraper at a 45-degree angle to the skin, along the texture of the skin, at a speed of 2-3 cm per second, gently scrape out the dirt and keratin layer of the skin, the other side of the scraper can also be used to introduce skincare products, improve the absorption of the skin.

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