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Introducing the GT-2017 Curling Iron - Your Ultimate Hair Styling Companion!


This curler promises to revolutionize your hair styling, ensuring effortless elegance and limitless charm.

Showcasing beautiful design and superior features:

The heart of the GT-2017 curling iron is its patented rose shape, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship designed to satisfy everyone's girlish heart. Its integrated wireless charging design adds an extra layer of convenience, making it lightweight and easy to use, ensuring that your beauty is protected while exuding endless charm.

Equipped with a digital display and multiple time Settings, the GT-2017 curling iron is equipped with intelligent temperature control, allowing you to personalize your hair styling experience according to the softness and texture of your hair. With different time and temperature Settings, you can create your signature hairstyle without worrying about damaging your roots.

Lasting professional performance:

The GT-2017 curling iron features a professional film heat source design that is both light and thin for faster and more even heating. This thermostat setting not only improves the durability of your hair styling, but also minimizes heat damage and ensures your hair stays healthy and vibrant.

Easy to redefine:

With Type-C charging, the GT-2017 curling iron offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to use it multiple times on a single charge. Whether you're at home or on the road, traveling has never been easier with this carefree companion.

Product Specifications:

Enter: 5V-2A

Charging time :270 min ±30 min (subject to taillight)

Rated power :35~40W

Working hours (fully charged):

200°≈90 minutes (±10 minutes)

140°≈120 minutes (±10 minutes)

Static power consumption :≤50uA

Charging current :≥1.2A

Working current :10A

Battery capacity :≥9000mAh

Product size: 235*53*45mm

Package Size:267*110*78mm

Net weight :400g, gross weight :750g

Unparalleled warranty and service:

To demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the GT-2017 curlers come with a one-year warranty and a five-year guarantee, ensuring you get the best hair styling experience possible.

Experience differences:

Join us and embrace a new era of hair styling excellence with the GT-2017 curling iron. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the industry, we pride ourselves on being a source factory, delivering unmatched quality directly to our valued customers.

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