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Xiaoqiang Technology was invited to establish a standard working group for automatic hair curlers


Recently, with our outstanding achievements and deep influence in the field of automatic hair curlers, we won the industry reputation and were invited to lead the formation of automatic hair curlers standard working group. This important measure marks the leading position of Xiaoqiang Technology in promoting the process of industry standardization, and also shows our company's firm commitment to improving the overall level of the industry and protecting the interests of consumers.

As a pioneer and market leader in automatic hair curler technology, Xiaoqiang Technology has been committed to improving people's quality of life through innovative technology. The leading establishment of the standard working group is not only an affirmation of Xiaoqiang's technological strength and market influence, but also a recognition of the concept of "user-centered, innovation-driven" that our company has long adhered to.

As an innovative product in the hair industry, automatic hair curlers have risen rapidly in the beauty market in recent years, but they are also faced with problems such as uneven product quality and safety standards. Xiaoqiang Technology is well aware that the establishment and improvement of industry standards is crucial to promote the healthy development of the industry and protect the rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, our company actively responds to the needs of the industry, and takes the initiative to undertake the heavy responsibility of formulating automatic hair curler standards, in order to promote the standardization and high-quality development of the entire industry.

Our company will continue to adhere to the "innovation leads the future, quality cast brilliant" business purpose, make full use of their own research and development advantages and industry experience, for the development of automatic hair curler standards contribute to the core strength. At the same time, we will continue to increase product innovation, constantly improve the user experience, and ensure that every product can become a benchmark in the market.

Looking forward to the future, with the establishment of the automatic hair curler standard working group and the gradual advancement of the work, it will effectively promote the technological progress and product upgrades of the industry, we will work hand in hand with our colleagues in the industry to write a new chapter of automatic hair curlers, and bring more safe, convenient and efficient hair styling experience to consumers around the world.

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