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Get the Glamour! Let's get the Curling iron!


Curling iron is a pearl among hair tools, and our latest curling iron is to upgrade your hair experience. The integrated wireless charging design is adopted, which is more portable and convenient. This is not only a curling iron, but also your secret weapon for radiant beauty and infinite charm.

Featured functions:

Patent design: exquisite appearance, meet the girl's heart. Wireless charging design is more lightweight and convenient, protecting your beauty and releasing infinite charm.

Digital display, multiple time Settings and smart temperature control: Depending on the softness and texture of your hair, choose different times and temperatures to create your own personalized hair style without damaging the roots.

Professional film heat source design: thin and thin design, to achieve faster and more uniform heating, constant temperature setting, effectively improve the durability of hair, reduce the heat damage to hair.

Type-C charging: One charge, multiple uses, convenient travel, let your beauty anytime, anywhere.

Quickoos beauty tool manufacturer, one year replacement, 5 years warranty

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