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Rosette curling iron: Beautiful new trend, one year warranty, five years warranty, to create unlimited charm


In the beauty industry that follows fashion trends, a unique curling iron is setting off a new trend, that is, our innovative design of the rosette curling iron! This is not only a hair tool, but also a fashion art to highlight personality and meet the heart of girls.

1. Unique rosette design

With a patented rosette design, this curling iron is delicate and elegant, satisfying every woman's innermost romantic yearning. Its integrated wireless charging design makes it lighter and more convenient, escorting your beauty and showing unlimited charm.

2. Digital display and intelligent temperature control

The curling iron is equipped with a digital display that supports multiple time Settings and intelligent temperature control. Depending on the softness and texture of your hair, create personalized hairstyles with different time and temperature Settings without damaging your roots.

3. Professional film heat source design

Professional film heat source design, light and portable, so that heating more quickly and evenly. Thermostatic design effectively improves the durability of the hairstyle, reduces the heat damage to the hair, and lets you say goodbye to the dry and rough perm experience.

4. Charge Type-C

The Type-C charging interface can be used multiple times on a single charge, making travel easy and convenient, and keeping your hair perfect at all times.

In addition to the above amazing features, as a beauty tool manufacturer, we offer you a one-year replacement with a five-year warranty to ensure that every use is silky smooth. We lead fashion, deliver beauty, so that every woman can bloom unique charm in the free ride of time!

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