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Pore scraper for removing dead skin
  • Pore scraper for removing dead skinPore scraper for removing dead skin
  • Pore scraper for removing dead skinPore scraper for removing dead skin

Pore scraper for removing dead skin

Pore scraper for removing dead skin Skin Care Cleanser Skin Scrub New Ultrasonic Deep Pore Cleansing Skin Spatula With a state-of-the-art factory dedicated to producing cutting-edge skincare solutions, Quickoos has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. Ultrasonic Face Spatula for Deep Cleaning, effectively removes dirt and oil, suitable for all kinds of skin, easy to operate and clean, provides a variety of modes to choose from, has warranty and after-sales service. Blackhead Remover Scrubber Spatula


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Product Description

Pore scraper for removing dead skin

Product function introduction

The ultrasonic skin scraper uses LED lights to display gear functions. Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration EMS (electric pulse) is developed with original energy and rationality. When it acts on the skin, it causes the skin cells to vibrate. EMS electrical pulses stimulate muscle contraction movements, relieve muscle stress and reduce muscle discomfort. Soften cell tissue, completely remove aged cutin, oil and makeup that clogs pores, and allow excess oil to be discharged. The product also adds red, green, and blue light, which can make the face less prone to acne and acne with long-term use. It can enhance the activity of skin collagen cells, smooth fine lines and shrink pores. Blue light and green light have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. It also has ultrasonic high-frequency energy conversion. Improve local blood and intestinal circulation, enhance skin activity, decompose pigments, dilute dark spots, improve tissue metabolism and regeneration, enhance pore permeability, and make the cortex shiny and elastic.

Operating mode:

1. In the off state, press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to turn it on. It enters cleansing/moisturizing mode by default after powering on. Click the switch chain again to select the gear and corresponding function item.

Choose gears and functions according to your needs.

3. The working time of each function of the product is set to 5 minutes, and the product automatically shuts down after 5 minutes. If you want to continue using it, you need to re-enable it.

4. Hold the electroplated pieces on both sides of the product to generate (EMS) pulse current function. Note: The intensity of pulse current varies from person to person.

Technical Parameters

Rated power 5V-1A

Quiescent current 5W

Less than 10UA

Charging time is about 1H30 minutes

White charging cable L=80CM



Color box 20.7*8.4*7.8cm+blister insert*1


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