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Our wirelessly charged curling irons allow you to create beautiful hair anywhere


Curly hair is a sign of beauty pursued by many women, but traditional curling irons often need to be plugged in, inconvenient to carry and operate, and the temperature is not easy to control, and easy to damage hair. To solve these problems, we have introduced a wireless charging curling iron that lets you create beautiful hair anywhere.

The biggest feature of this curling iron is the use of a patented rose shape, the appearance of delicate, to meet your girlish heart. At the same time, integrated wireless charging design, more lightweight and convenient. Whether you're at home or on the go, it's easy to create a beautiful look for yourself that protects your beauty and exudes infinite charm.

This curling iron also has the following features:

• Digital display, multiple time Settings, intelligent temperature control. Depending on the softness and texture of your hair, choose different times and temperatures to create your own personalized hairstyle without damaging the roots of your hair.

• Professional film heating source design, thin, so that heating faster and more uniform, constant temperature setting, effectively improve the durability of hair, reduce the heat damage to hair.

• Type-c charging allows you to use it multiple times on a single charge, making travel easier and worry-free.

The product parameters of this curling iron are as follows:

• Input: 5V-2A charge time 270 min ±30 min (based on taillights)

• Rated power: 35~40W working time Full charge: 200°≈90 minutes (±10 minutes)

• Full charge: 140°≈120 minutes (±10 minutes)

• Static power consumption: ≤50uA, charging current: ≥1.2A

• Working current 10A, battery capacity: ≥9000Mah

• Product size: 235*53*45mm

• Package size: 267*110*78mm

• Net weight: 400g, gross weight: 750g

The accessories of this curling iron are as follows:

• Product *1

• White charging cable *1 length =80cm

• Comb *1, bobby pin *2

• Manual *1, storage bag *1

In order to make customers more assured and satisfied, our company also provides a one-year replacement, five-year warranty service, if the product has any quality problems, you can replace or repair for free, so that you can enjoy the best quality after-sales service.

Our company is a beauty instrument manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler with many years of experience, its products cover visual blackhead instrument, eyebrow trimmer, peeling machine, straightening comb and other types, deeply loved and trusted by our customers. Continuous innovation, and constantly improve the quality and performance of products, to provide customers with the most suitable beauty solutions.

If you are interested in this wireless charging curling iron, please send an inquiry.

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