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GT-2017 Hair Straightener: portable hair tool for all styles


GT-2017 hair straightener features

The GT-2017 hair bar is designed to be very portable, weighing only 400 grams, and can easily fit into a suitcase or backpack, which is convenient for you to use when traveling or business, keeping your hairstyle consistent.

The GT-2017 hair straightener is not only suitable for straight hair, but also suitable for curly hair, so that you can flexibly change different hair styles according to personal preferences, saving the cost of buying different products, but also increase your hair fun.

The GT-2017 hair straightener uses rapid heating technology to reach the ideal temperature in a short period of time, saving you time and allowing you to quickly change your hairstyle so that you have the perfect look every morning.

The anti-scalding chuck design of the GT-2017 hair straightener can effectively prevent burns and make you safer to use. The smart temperature control function can automatically adjust the right temperature according to different hair types to protect your hair health.

Parameters of GT-2017 hair straightener

The input voltage of the GT-2017 starter is 5V-2A, the charging time is 270 minutes ±30 minutes (based on the taillight), the rated power is 40W, the working time is 200°≈90 minutes (±10 minutes) at full charge, 140°≈120 minutes (±10 minutes) at full charge, and the static power consumption is ≤50uA. The charging current is ≥1.2A, the working current is 10A, and the battery capacity is ≥9000Mah.

The product accessories of GT-2017 hair straightener are: Product 1, white charging cable 1, length 80 cm, hairpin 1, manual 1, storage bag *1.

The advantages of GT-2017 hair straightener

GT-2017 hair straightener is developed and produced by our company, our company is a professional manufacturer of beauty products, with many years of industry experience and technical strength, committed to providing consumers with high quality and high performance hair products.

The GT-2017 Hair Straightener combines the needs of the market and the feedback of users to create a portable hair accessory suitable for a variety of hairstyles, allowing you to show your personal style and charm wherever you are.

Since the launch of the GT-2017 hair straight board, it has been loved and praised by the majority of consumers, the following is the real evaluation of some users:

• "I love this hair straightener, it's light and easy to use, it allows me to change my style any way I want and it doesn't hurt my hair, I think it's the best hair straightener I've ever used."

• "This hair straightener is really great, it heats up quickly and saves me a lot of time, and the temperature is automatically adjusted so that I don't burn my hair, I use it every day for different hairstyles and feel so confident."

• "This hair straightette is a gift from me to my girlfriend, she loves it very much, she uses it every day to fix her hair and make her look more beautiful, I am also very happy."

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